Value distributed to our stakeholders

Value distributed to our stakeholders

In 2016, SEA Group generated an economic value of 653.5 million Euro, up 1.7% over the previous year.
About 85% of this value (553 million Euro) was distributed to stakeholders in the form of payments and other forms of transfer (+1.5% compared to the previous year), going from 545.0 to 552.9 million.
The main recipients of this value were the suppliers, who received 187.2 million (196.9 million in the previous year), equal to 33.8% of the total, and the human resources, who received 183 million (33.1% of the total distributed value versus 32.5% of 2015).
The portion of value paid to capital providers was also significant (81.8 million, or 14.8% of the distributed value, against 70.8 million in 2015), in which dividends were dominant (62.8 Million, compared to 50.9 million in 2015) compared to financial charges paid to lenders (around 19 million).
The portion paid to the public administration in the form of taxes and fees was 55.7 million (10.1% of the distributed value). Finally, the portion of distributed value paid to the company and the territory was 0.16% in 2016, corresponding to the sum of the donations made to bodies and associations of the third sector in support of cultural, humanitarian, scientific and sporting projects.

Table of economic value generated and distributed by the Group (,000 Euro)

 Economic value generated directly653,512642,408621,634
 a) Revenues Operating revenues653,512642,408621,634
 Distributed economic value552,948545,002499,290
b) Restated operating costsConsumable costs and other reclassified operating costs187,196196,990188,554
c) Commercial costsCommercial costs44,45840,78643,101
d) Wages and benefits for human resourcesLabour costs 182,971176,979161,501
e) Payments to capital providers Financial charges and dividends distributed during the year 81,75770,84551,029
f) Payments to the Public AdministrationCurrent incomes taxes and tax charges 55,70858,50054,340
g) Investments in the community Donations, sponsorships and collaborations 858902765
Retained economic valueCalculated as the difference between the generated economic value and the distributed economic value100,56497,406122,344

Source: SEA

During the three-year period, the value generated and that distributed to the stakeholders increased significantly, but the latter recorded a double growth rate (+10.7% over 2014) compared to the former (+5.1%). Capital providers were the stakeholders who recorded the greatest increase in acquired value in this three-year period (+60.2%), followed by human resources (+13.3%) and communities (+12.2%), while the value flows to other stakeholders remained largely unchanged.
Finally, it should be noted that over the period under consideration, SEA Group transferred over 168 Euro million to the public sector in the form of taxes and fees.

 Economic value distributed in 2014