Main Cargo carriers

Main Cargo carriers

At December 31, 2016, there were 17 all-cargo carriers operating at Malpensa airport. Malpensa's business cargo is distributed among a large number of carriers: in 2016, 68% of total transported cargo was spread over 13 airlines. Among these, Cargolux, the world's leading industry operator, has an absolute dominance, while the highest growth (31.3% over 2015) was recorded by Air Bridge Cargo Airlines.

Malpensa - Volumes moved by the main cargo carriers (tons)

Cargolux Group94,91980,171
Air Bridge Cargo Airlines49,52737,720
Qatar Airways38,81734,535
Federal Express Corporation33,18834,821
European Air Transport29,33427,386
Silk Way23,77418,806
Etihad Airways22,60517,915
Nippon Cargo Airlines20,55416,901
Korean Air13,57616,376
Asiana Airlines11,54511,766
Saudi Arabian Airlines10,52213,051
Turkish Airlines10,1677,793
Cathay Pacific Airways8,4908,529
Total all-cargo activity (*)387,196355,460
Total Malpensa
cargo activity

(*) The figure refers solely to the all-cargo moved volumes
Source: SEA

The following table lists the top 10 carriers operating at Malpensa in 2016, in terms of percentage on total volume of cargo.

Malpensa -% of goods moved by the top 10 cargo carriers

Cargolux Group 17.716.0
Qatar Airways9.79.3
Air Bridge Cargo Airlines9.27.5
Federal Express6.27.0
Etihad Airways5.65.2
European Air Transport5.45.4
Silk Way West Airlines4.4-
Nippon Cargo Airlines3.8-
Cathay Pacific Airways3.33.6
Other carriers29.232.0

Source: Sea