Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Surveys conducted by CFI Group (leading market research institute) in 2016 regarding the services provided at Malpensa and Linate airports showed a stable and positive level of satisfaction among passengers.
In 2016, the new customer satisfaction assessment system based on the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) showed CSI values (0-100 scale) that were improving compared to 2015 figures.

Evolution of Customer Satisfaction Index

Malpensa T1757370
Malpensa T2727270

Source: SEA, CFI Group

Results improved compared to 2015 on all terminals, benefiting from renovation works and SEA's constant efforts in the areas most important to passengers, such as comfort, security check, maintenance and retail. The positive trend of overall opinion expressed by passengers passing through our airports continues.
In particular, opinions expressed for Malpensa Terminal 1 for all available services are increasingly positive. In addition to opening of new shops, new services have been added for better operational efficiency and a better passenger travel experience (e.g. self-bag drop: unassisted drop-off of checked baggage; time-to-gate: indication of distance from the information display system to gate, including indication of queue at passport control; sleeping-box: simple devices for laying down at the airport during a long wait for flight’s departure in a functional and secure environment.
Offer in general is renovated in a modern, bright, spacious, comfortable and welcoming environment.
In the European context, Malpensa Terminal 1 distinguished itself for the highly appreciated catering services and the broad shopping offer, efficiency of passport service and car parks' value for money. These positive results are improving Malpensa's position in European ranking. In 2016, a new perceived quality tracking tool first introduced in May 2015 continued to be used to identify passenger satisfaction on individual services 24 hours a day, allowing passengers to express their opinion immediately after having used a service by means of dedicated totems. This tool is present in more than 50 airports around the world (e.g. Heathrow, Orlando, Melbourne, Hong Kong) and provides daily and hourly results, allowing timely interventions and quality standard improvements while avoiding deviations in the medium-long term.