How values stimulate us to change

How values stimulate us to change

In the second half of 2106, we launched the project "Valori in corso" ("Values in progress"), aimed at encouraging the dissemination, exchange and sharing of content concerning the new Ethical System.
The aim of the project is to start a cultural, organizational and technological change developing collaboration, promoting dissemination, sharing knowledge, improving circulation of ideas, increasing the feeling of company belonging and stimulating in all employees  active.
Some of the actions launched in the last quarter of the year include:

  • 2 workshops, addressed respectively to the executive managers and to a group of 25 middle management representatives, aimed at the shared creation of communication tools for the internal dissemination of the new Ethical System;
  • a "pinterest-like" contest addressed to the entire corporate population, aimed at the broad dissemination of the values of the new Ethical System.

This evolutionary effort is well expressed in the opinions arised from a survey(1) addressed to a  sample of about 600 employees expressed, indicating:

  • specific strong and constitutive values that, at present, can be defined as indispensable;
  • areas of value not yet fully defined, which need further consolidation within the corporate culture;
  • finally, a core of values to be substantiated to qualify a new organizational and relational model whose priority is the relation and sharing among the stakeholders.


Level of value’ implementation in organizational practices

1 Extensive survey carried out with  the CAWI method, from June 30 to October 31, 2016, on a sample of 596 employees through a self-compiled online questionnaire sent through the corporate intranet.