Noise emissions

Noise emissions

Since 2001, we have been monitoring aviation noise at Linate and Malpensa airports, in compliance with the applicable national regulations.
The system has 22 field stations (16 at Malpensa and 6 at Linate) and 4 mobile units, the latter used for specific measurement campaigns.
We work in partnership and under the strict control of ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) in order to improve the monitoring and safeguarding of the area around our airports.
Based on criteria defined in Guidelines of the Lombardy Region, ARPA has classified as "Monitoring" 4 of the 6 Linate stations and 10 of the current 16 Malpensa stations.
The Italian Ministerial Decree of October 31, 1997 establishes the index to be used for measuring airport noise and the level of airport noise assessment (LVA). It also classifies the area around airports into three areas of compliance, with maximum permissible noise levels based on the type of settlements:

  • ZONE A: LVA index is between 60 and 65 dB(A). There are no restrictions on this range;
  • ZONE B: LVA index is between 65 and 75 dB(A). This area can host farming and cattle breeding, industrial and related activities, businesses, offices, services and related activities;
  • ZONE C: LVA index may exceed 75 dB (A) produced solely by the activities functionally linked to the airport infrastructure.

Boundaries of each area of compliance are identified by the Airport Commissions (Italian Ministerial Decree October 31, 1997).
Linate Commission approved the zoning in 2009, while Malpensa Airport Commission is yet to do so.
Noise data detected by monitoring stations are analysed with the aid of a computer system. Using radar tracks of individual flights provided by ENAV, it is possible to distinguish aviation noise from overall noise.
Data on noise emissions and operation of our airports are available in a dedicated section of the website

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