Evolution of infrastructure investment

Evolution of infrastructure investment

For the 2014-2016 three-year period, SEA Group invested a total of 254.0 million Euro, mainly for the development of infrastructure in order to improve service and cargo service offered to passengers, guaranteeing the increasing levels of quality, safety, operational efficiency and preservation of the environment.

Infrastructure investments (millions of Euro)

 201620152014Total 2014-2016
Malpensa Terminal 19.535.459.4104.3
Malpensa Terminal
Malpensa Cargo12.95.90.419.2
Flight infrastructure9.24.63.717.5
Various actions14.224.113.351.6
Movable assets17.612.713.043.4
Free building donations--7.57.5

Source: SEA

Below is a description of some of the major investments made over the three-year period.