Analysis of scope of material topics and reconciliation with the GRI aspects

Analysis of the scope of materials topics and reconciliation with the GRI aspects

Material topicsInternal scopeExternal scopeGRI G4 Aspects and Airport Operators
Sectors Disclosures
Shared developmentGroupAll the stakeholdersEconomic performance
Indirect economic impacts
Local communities
Dialogue with stakeholdersGroup  
Transparent communicationGroup  
Noise impact GroupAirport operatorsNoise
Consumer health and safety
Product and services
Enviromental risk monitoringGroupAirport operatorsBiodiversity
Product and services
Effluents and waste
Enviromental complaint management mechanism
COreductionGroupAirport operatorsEmissions
Quality of service to passengersGroupAirport operators/Public administration  Business continuity and emergency management
Consumer health and safety
Quality of the service
Public transport accessibilityGroupAirport operators/Public administration   Intermodality
Quality of work at the airportGroupAirport operatorsWorker health and safety
Passenger service offerGroupAirport operators/Public administrationService offers to people with reduced mobility
Employee engagementGroupEmployment
Industrial relations
Diversity and equal opportunities
Equal pay for men and women
Employee empowermentGroup Training and development
Transparency and supplier selectionGroup  Procurement practices
Enviromental assessment of suppliers
Energy efficiencyGroupAirport operatorsEnergy
Water consuptionGroupAirport operatorsWater

Source: SEA