Management and productivity efficiency

Management and productivity efficiency

Focus Point

We consider efficiency a complement to effectiveness: opposing unproductive consumption of resources (time, money, equipment, materials); goal achievement while reducing waste as much as possible through the right amount of resources; a way to unlock value, previously redundantly incorporated in procedures and processes, to make it available both to our shareholders and to our mission requirements.

Such strategic pillar of our business plan is combined in three main fronts:

On organizational level: 

  • promoting personnel management policies to create a working environment where know-hows and professional skills are constantly fed and encouraged;
  • designing career paths centred on expertise, contribution generated for the company and the person's margin of development.

In managing environmental resources: 

  • subordinating our choices to a careful environmental impact assessment;
  • identifying and designing innovative solutions for waste production and water consumption reduction, also through research programmes and international partnerships;
  • promoting actions and investments aimed at ensuring high rates of energy efficiency of processes.

In managing the supply chain:

  • inducing the supply chain to adopt a virtuous dynamism towards environmental and social sustainability;
  • promoting virtuous conducts within our company, such as consumption models focused on reducing waste and preferring environmentally and socially qualified supplies;
  • basing selection and choice of plants, equipments and technological systems to be installed at our airports by assessing their characteristics of reduced energy consumption and low environmental impacts.