Process of stakeholders involvement

Process of stakeholders involvement

During the reformulation of Malpensa Master Plan, we launched an extensive public consultation plan aimed at involving our key stakeholders.
Our goal is to adopt structured modes of dialogue with local actors, in order to understand how to make their needs complementary, not conflicting, with the needs of airport traffic development. We believe that by working with local communities as well as with carriers, regulatory authorities, experts and other stakeholders, it is possible to identify sustainable solutions to our challenges, sharing benefits, costs and risks associated with a fair and effective management of our airports.
The approach is based on four methodological assumptions, taken as essential for an effective and constructive interaction:

  • maximum transparency, clarity and dissemination of the information regarding the project;
  • SEA proactivity in initiating dialogue and consultation processes;
  • use of the best available expertise for assessing environmental impacts;
  • clear separation between dialogue/consultation process regarding the content of the Master Plan and donations contributed locally by SEA.

In stakeholders engaging process on guidelines of 2030 Master Plan, we expressed the most advanced regulatory provisions and applied the best international experiences.

Indication of regulations for future implementation already acquired during the Master Plan process

about environmental impact assessment Transposal obligation into Member States’ law by May 2017
- Involvement of the public interested in project at an early stage of decision-making procedures (Article 6, paragraph 2).
About public works tenders Transposed into Italian Law with Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016 – so-called “Public Contracts Code” Pending publication of the Implementing Regulation
- Electronic access to relevant information (Article 6, paragraph 3)
- Time scales for consultation with the interested public of no less than 30 days (Article 6, paragraph 4)
- Careful consideration of reports on health impact (Article 3, paragraph 1)
- Call for «débat public» during planning and design stage of large infrastructure projects that have an impact on the environment or town and country planning

The process for the involvement of stakeholder community entails 3 levels:

Availability, in paper and electronic format, of information tools (Guidelines booklet, documents on technical project, scenario analysis, socio-economic impact and environmental impacts) providing stakeholder community all the elements required to a full understanding of the project.
Implementation of a digital platform through which qualified stakeholders have been able to access information material, forwarding us their opinion, comments, proposals, analyses and assessments about project's guidelines.
A cycle of 6 workshops to explain the project guidelines to representatives of all stakeholder categories. We also joind, upon invitation of the authorities involved, 5 public debates in the municipalities of the airport catchment area.

The process of stakeholders involvement

The structured stakeholder consultation process regarding Master Plan does not aim to achieve total satisfaction of the parties involved.
Instead it is aimed at ensuring:

  • that contents of the project are fully evaluated and understood by all stakeholders;
  • that SEA has the ability to take into consideration and evaluate all alternative proposals to those suggested in the guidelines.

Our participatory process is intended to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to influence SEA's perspective on the project, thus generating a collective legitimacy of airport development choices.