The profile of our passengers

The profile of our passengers

The profile of passengers at our airports is checked at monthly frequency, based on sampling rates specific to the three terminals (Linate, Malpensa T1, Malpensa T2). The total number of passengers interviewed in 2016 was 4,800.
The subjects to be interviewed are selected according to a systematic procedure (one every 10) at security checks, i.e. upon departure. This procedure guarantees randomness, so that the sample interviewed for each of the three terminals is representative.
The sample check (and data weighing) includes the verification of destinations and the share of passengers in transit, by terminal and by quarter.

Main characteristics of our passengers in 2016

 Malpensa 1Malpensa 2Linate
Male gender59%51%60%
Average age (years)424043
University education45%41%48%
Residing in Italy72%73%76%
Main reason for travelHoliday/TourismHoliday/TourismWork/Business/Study
Average stay at the airport (minutes)139134115

Source: CFI Group

Below is the main evidence found in the surveys carried out in 2016.

The percentage of trips for work/business/study grew (+6 percentage points) at the expense of holiday/tourism (-3 points) and family/health reasons (-3 points).
Compared to the previous year, there was a sharp increase in the use of the public ATM bus (+9 points) as city-airport link.
Malpensa T1
Compared to 2015, the share of passengers with a high degree of education decreased (-4 points).
Compared with the records, the share of passengers travelling for holiday/tourism increased (+5 points), with a decrease in work/business/study (-4 points).
Malpensa T2
Compared to 2015, the share of frequent flyer passengers increased (+7 points).
Holiday/tourism trips increased (+10 points) at the expense of family/health reasons (-8 points).
The share of outgoing passengers (-12 points) and Italian residents fell (-12 points); this decline is due to residents in the Lombardy region (-12 points).