Our people

Our people

At December 31, 2016, our Group's total resources amounted to 2,850 units (2,866 if we also consider leased staff), decreased by 37 units compared to the end of 2015 (-1.3%).

29% female presence, concentrated in white-collar category characterized by front end jobs, is distributed as follows: 3.6% executives, 23.4% white-collar, 1.8% blue-collar. The overwhelming presence of men in blue-collar category is motivated by the specific rules on airport operations, which penalizes the female working population compared to male workers.

Workforce by job category and gender as of December 31 (no.)

Executive and managers104221325106220326100220320
White-collar workers6661,1571,8236781,1641,8426241,0261,650
Blue-collar workers526507025266771952637689

Source: SEA

Workforce and supervised workers by location and gender as of December 31 (no.)

Other locations*---4101441115

Source: SEA
*Personnel at Rome Ciampino, Venice, Catania airports for 2014 and at Rome Ciampino and Venice airports for 2015.

The overall Headcount Equivalent[1] for January-December 2016 compared with all 2015 is up 10 units from 2,812 to 2,822 (+0.4%). This increase is due to retaining personnel from Airport Handling to cover new workforce needs within the SEA Group, especially for airport security services.

There were 31 employee departures for SEA, divided into 61% white-collar workers, 7% blue-collar workers, and 32% executives and managers.

[1] The Headcount Equivalent (HDE) is the monthly average of all managed personnel, re-proportioned according to the paid time category (full-time or part-time) and monthly hirings/departures.