CO2 emissions

CO2 emissions

For many years now we have been initiating a number of measures to control and reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions produced in airport grounds and deriving from airport operator's activities.

Carbon dioxide emissions are broken down as follows:
Scope 1 - Direct emissions associated with sources owned by or under the control of Group companies, such as fuel used for heating and the operational vehicles needed for airport activities.
Scope 2 - Indirect emissions associated with the generation of electricity or heat purchased and used by Group companies.
Scope 3 - Other indirect emissions arising from the activities of Group companies, but produced from sources not owned or controlled by the Company itself, such as business trips and employee commuting.

We participate in Airport Carbon Accreditation initiative launched by ACI Europe (Airport Council International) to promote concrete contributions by the airports towards tackling climate change.
The project included the launch of a number of actions to control and reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions by the airport operator, the aircraft and all parties working in the airport system.
The Airport Carbon Accreditation provides four possible levels of accreditation:

  • Mapping – checking of emissions under direct control of the airport operator (scope 1 and 2).
  • Reduction - creation of an emission reduction plan (scope 1 and 2);
  • Optimisation - calculation of emissions produced by airport stakeholders and their involvement in the reduction plans (scope 3);
  • Neutrality - achieving Carbon Neutrality for emissions under the direct control of the airport operator (scope 1 and 2) by offsetting.

In 2016, we reconfirmed our European leadership position for both Linate and Malpensa airports in the "neutral 3+" group, along with another 25 airports, two of which were Italian (Rome and Venice), representing 18.9% of European traffic.
The CO2 emissions trend of 2016 is essentially in line with the previous year. The increase in scope 2 is due to a greater purchase of electricity due to work performed on the turbines of the Malpensa central heating plant.

CO2 emissions of the SEA Group (tCO2)

Scope 1(1)121,60862,963117,67558,580
Scope 23228911690
Scope 32,3698762,343889

(1) It should be noted that for 2016, the emission factors of natural gas and diesel fuel for heating have been updated
[Sources: National standard parameters table: coefficients used for the CO2 emissions inventory in the UNFCCC national inventory (average values for 2013-2015). This data can be used to calculate the emissions from 1 January 2016 to December 31, 2016].
Source: SEA

CO2 emissions of the SEA Group per units of traffic (KgCO2/unit of traffic)

Scope 14.936.455.365.026.005.31
Scope 1 + Scope 24.946.465.375.026.015.31

Source: SEA
The units of traffic is equivalent to one passenger or 100 kg of freight.