The most significant retail revenues come from shop sales (52.2% of the total), followed by food and beverage (21.1%), car rental (16.4%) and banking services (10.3%).

Type of Retail revenues 

Retail services turnover2016 (thousands of Euro)2015 (thousands of Euro)% of total 2016 Retail
Shop 47,07046,19052.2
Food & Beverage 19,03918,21121.1
Car Rental14,76114,47216.4
Banking services9,2189,59610.3
Total Retail revenues90,08888,469100

Source: SEA

Sale points within passenger terminals offer both duty free products (therefore excluding VAT and other taxes), and duty paid products (therefore under normal conditions and excluding the benefit of the above-mentioned exemption).
Retail sector activities carried out at Milan airports offer the public and passengers a wide range of products and brands and are differentiated at each terminal:

  • Milan Malpensa 1 dedicated to luxury and duty free shopping;
  • Milan Malpensa 2 dedicated to low cost;
  • Milan Linate terminal of specialised high-end range offer focusing on business customers.

Shopping areas of Milan airports - shops + food & beverage

Retail areas of the Milan airports per million passengers (m2/ passengers)

Malpensa T11,461.91,583.41,357.0
Malpensa T2595.5591.3596.0

Source: SEA

In terms of commercial strategy, 2016 was affected by the start of works in Schengen Terminal 1 boarding area, which involved a number of shop closings and relocations.

Areas intended for sales to the public

The average sales receipt per passenger at Terminal 1 decreased by 2.5%, going from 30.62 to 29.86 Euro.

Malpensa T1 - Average sales receipt per passenger in sales to the public

At Terminal 2, the average sales receipt per passenger rose by 1.9% from 12.73 to 12.97 Euro compared to last year.

Malpensa T2 - Average sales receipt per passenger in sales to the public

Linate recorded an average spend for passenger dropping of 5.4%, going from 19.05 to 18.04 Euro.

Linate - Average sales receipt per passenger in sales to the public


Catering activities are entrusted by SEA in sub-concession to SEA Services, a subsidiary company, and to other third parties. In particular, contracts with specialized operators (including Autogrill, Chef Express and MyChef) are in force, according to which SEA has entrusted to them catering activities in sub-concession, thereby granting to these operators some spaces within the airports.

Areas intended for food & beverage

Malpensa's Terminal 1 consolidated its performance thanks to the expansion of its offer and the quality of the existing formats. The average sales receipt per passenger in 2016 increased by 1.4%, from 7.66 to 7.77 Euro.

At Terminal 2 there was an 8.9% increase in the average passenger sales receipt, which goes from 5.39 to 5.87 Euro.

Linate reconfirms the good performance of existing formats, in particular Sweet & Bagel Factory, Panino Giusto and Ferrari Spazio Bollicine wine café. The average passenger sales receipt in 2016 is in line with the previous year (-0.5%), going from 5.77 to 5.74 Euro.

Linate - Average sales receipt per passenger in food & beverage segment