Customer relationship management and complaints management

Customer relationship management and complaints management

SEA has been using an innovative CRM platform since 2010, specifically developed to manage the relationships with passengers/customers, with unique features compared to any other service. In 2016, users registered in SEA Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform reached a total of 1,400,000. This very positive trend was mainly supported by Wi-Fi system and e-commerce. Over 950,000 subscribers have given their consent to receiving newsletters and survey questionnaires, designed to inform airport users and to learn about their expectations and assessments to guide the services offered at the airport. There are many channels available for reporting complaints:

  • website ( - "contacts" section);
  • fax;
  • form delivered at the Info desks;
  • letter.

We handle all complaints and reports about the services offered with the utmost care and discretion, and we strive to respond as soon as possible, and in any case within 28 days from when communication is received. In the same way as quality surveys, as airport operator we analyse all complaints (although fewer than one third of them refer to services or responsibilities of the Group companies) in order to address all critical elements reported in airport system. The Customer Relationship Management system helps passengers submit their complaints and helps our personnel to manage them. In 2016, the percentage of complaints filed through the web was 68% (64% in 2015) and the rate of complaints at Milan airports was around 24.3 complaints per million passengers. Both figures are in line with 2015 and continue to position SEA-managed airports among the best in Europe.

Classification of complaints for topical areas in 2016 (%)

Baggage and lost & found24
Security checks14
Check-in, boarding9
Car parks16

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Following complaints about the lack of information on specific issues, an information notice was created on the following issues:

  • dedicated passage for pacemaker wearers at security checks;
  • indication of opening hours of doors, identifying the one available during night hours.

In addition, the Family Friendly Airport initiative introduced in 2013 has been made permanent to make it easy for our passengers to travel with children between 0 to 12 years of age. The project aims to improve Customer Experience of passengers travelling with children and has a cross-sectional impact on comfort, security checks, information, catering and shopping; by improving the aspects of the path through the airport, the initiative aims to stimulate the propensity to buy of this specific range of users.