Main passenger carriers operating at Malpensa

Main passenger carriers operating at Malpensa

At Malpensa Airport on December 31, 2016, there were 110 airlines (8% less than 2015). The presence of all major international carrier alliances was reconfirmed:

  • Star Alliance at December 31, 2016, accounted for 17% of passenger traffic (19% in 2015);
  • Sky Team and One World accounted for 9% and 8% (both unchanged from 2015) of Malpensa passenger traffic at the end of 2016.

At December 31, 2016, Malpensa was connected with 187 domestic and international destinations, 7% more than 2015 (175). The list of the top 10 airlines, in terms of percentage on the total number of passengers, still sees the supremacy of easyJet, representing 35.0% of Malpensa passenger traffic. The UK company confirmed the role of Malpensa Terminal 2 as an important base for Continental Europe.

Malpensa - Top 10 passenger carriers (% on no. of passengers)

Vueling Airlines3.52.6
Meridiana fly2.42.2
Turkish Airlines2.12.5
Qatar Airways1.61.6
Other carriers35.935.5

Source: SEA